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Spray Tan Business Growth Series: New educational resource provides blueprint for maximizing sunless potential

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Truth is, consumer desire to spray tan is going to continue to grow, with or without you. Whether or not you become a primary spray tan source and take advantage of the financial windfall is up to you.

Many tanning businesses around the country are already making tremendous gains in spray on a yearly basis. In fact, more than 1,000 tanning businesses increased their automated booth spray tan sessions by at least 28 percent in 2018. Despite that growth, the market is still largely untapped, considering only three percent of women currently spray tan. Market leaders understand the implications and are already taking aggressive steps to create new spray tanners and get them to spray on a regular basis.

While some of the industry’s big names have more resources and experience to help them get ahead of the curve, we want every tanning business to have all the information they need to help push the spray tanning market as a whole forward, and grab their piece of the spray tan pie. That’s why Smart Tan is introducing the Spray Tan Business Growth Series, a free resource for the entire industry.

“I think some folks in the industry are missing a big opportunity with spray, just like those who waited for years before taking advantage of previous market trends,” says Smart Tan CEO Matt Russell.

“I remember back in early ‘90s, people thought selling a bottle of lotion for $80 was impossible, or adding high-priced upgrade equipment was too risky, and changing their business plan to EFT membership was a bad idea. This is another key shift in the market that should be fully embraced and not just treated as a means of diversification. Everyone in the market needs to be all in on spray tanning.”

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