We Are Sunshine

Why We Take Our Team on an Annual Trip

Friday, October 27th, 2023

By Brad Sudekum, TANgerines 

There are many ways to show your staff they’re appreciated, and one of the ways we do this is through our annual staff beach trip. We plan these trips on national holiday weekends so we only end up closing a couple days that we normally would be open. Our customers understand and really appreciate how we reward our staff.

Of course, the trips come with a list of expenses we are responsible for. Although the trips aren’t cheap, there is a good return on investment (ROI). With motivated, happy and appreciated employees come better sales, great staff performance, and the word travels fast to future hires. The staff looks forward to seeing each other more at work. and their shifts are more enjoyable the more comfortable they are with each other. It all goes back to the fun and positive culture we do our best to create. There are always other options that aren’t quite as pricey to show your staff how much they’re appreciated; this is just one of the ways we choose.

Besides enjoying the house, it’s amenities and the beach, we also took our staff to ride jet skis, treated them to a special fancy dinner out and a stop to an outside shopping area where they could pick up anything they need or want to purchase.

Setting up events outside of work for your staff is a must to keep your team strong and give them a chance to get to know their co-workers. Getting to know each other outside the walls of the salons reminds us all we are a team, and many of our staff members become great close friends. Even if it’s just a dinner every now and then or a trip to the local lake, team building is extremely important to operating a successful business!