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Staffing for Super Salon Success in 2011

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Here we are again; the next big tanning season is only a few months away. And once the summer is done we’ll be deep into the Nashville show and everyone will wonder “where did all the preparation time go?” To maximize the next season, salon owners are making their lists and checking them twice to be prepared with the right equipment and lotions. Certainly, “the best beds” is something to brag about and a great line-up of lotions is a must. But all the pre-season prep on anything and everything won’t insure success if your staff is stocked with the wrong people. My favorite joke about the typical salon associate interview is that it lasts about 15 minutes and metaphorically consists of three basic qualifier questions (tongue in cheek): 1) “Is your heart beating?” 2) “Do you like people?” And 3) “Can you start this weekend?” None of these really helps you to make a good hiring decision. Because of last minute or hasty hiring practices salon owners often hire their problems!…..FULL STORY