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Step It Up: A five-step plan to grow your sunless business in 2022

Friday, January 7th, 2022

As we kick off the New Year, there are more ways than ever to grow your sunless business. The popularity of spray tans is continuously mounting, there’s new equipment technology, more product options to sell, and salons are beginning to embrace purchasing alternatives that are more conducive for regular spray-tanning routines.

The potential is undoubtedly there, but you still need to take the right steps to capitalize. More than ever, it’s vital to put every bit as much focus and effort into sunless as UV tanning. In most cases, tanning businesses still make most of their money from UV tanning, but that’s all the more reason to emphasize sunless while understanding that growth on either side will only strengthen your business as a whole.

“Sunless is an ever-growing market. It’s dynamically expanding all the time. More and more people are using sunless-based products. It’s becoming more mainstream, and if salons are not adapting to the future of tanning, then they’re behind the curve,” says Devoted Creations and Selfie Glow Director of Brand Development Lisa Saavedra.

In this article, we’re outlining five areas of focus that will help you increase your sunless revenue this year. Each individual aspect of your sunless business is intertwined, and improving in one way should also create additional opportunities to improve in other facets.

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