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Sunbeds Best ‘D’ Source: Study

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

A European study showed that three non-burning sunbed sessions weekly was more effective at raising vitamin D blood levels than 1,000 IU of daily vitamin D pills.

Published in the European Society for Photobiology’s journal, Dr. Fran de Gruijl was studying the alleged effect vitamin D has on the prevalence of colds and flu. The study involved 105 young adults (18-30 years old) most of whom were female.

Three non-burning sunbed exposures weekly raised the group’s vitamin D levels from insufficiency to 43.6 ng/ml. In contrast, 1,000 IU of daily vitamin D supplementation raised levels only to 37.2 ng/ml.

Vitamin D researchers recommend vitamin D levels between 40-60 ng/ml. Other independent studies have shown that sunbed users have vitamin D levels 90 percent higher than non-tanners, and that the skin will make up to 20,000 IU of vitamin D in a single non-burning sunbed session.

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