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Sunbeds – the myths and the facts: UK Sunbed Association

Monday, March 25th, 2024

Professional sunbeds help people to tan “responsibly” without burning, says The Sunbed Association

With the summer months approaching, the UK sunbed industry is determined to dispel the “entrenched myths” surrounding the use of indoor tanning equipment.

The Sunbed Association (TSA), which represents professional tanning salon operators in the UK and Ireland, as well as manufacturers and distributors of indoor tanning equipment, wants to see much greater understanding of ultraviolet (UV) exposure, tanning and sunbed use.

It says that many of the negative “myths” associated with sunbed use are either out of date, flawed or are not relevant to the UK market.

The association points out that today’s sunbed industry is very different to that of decades ago. Its members are professional, well-regulated operators who run their businesses according to a strict code of practice, thereby ensuring that customers are able to tan responsibly without burning.