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Sunless Inc. Steps into Beauty, Merging Science and Technology to create WELLFIT™, an Effortless Full-Body Skincare Experience

Monday, February 19th, 2024

CLEVELANDFeb. 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sunless, Inc., the company behind VersaSpa® skincare spray systems, today announced the launch of WELLFIT™, a smarter solution to empower healthy full-body confidence in two minutes or less.

WELLFIT offers three unique skincare solutions — HYDRATE, LIFT, and RECOVER — as a stand-alone treatment or as an add on to other wellness services to restore, revive and recover the skin’s health, boasting a difference users can feel and see.

WELLFIT’s unique, first-of-their-kind skincare treatments are delivered in a customized spray system offered at participating VersaSpa Pro fitness clubs and tanning salons. WELLFIT has been previewed at several locations throughout the country. More than 85% of users say they “love the way the treatments make the skin feel.” WELLFIT users who have experienced the treatments have raved about the difference in their skin, sharing that their usually dry skin felt baby soft and tighter overall after enjoying their refreshing treatment.

WELLFIT addresses the need for more approachable skin-focused wellness options, with a recent McKinsey & Co. Future of Wellness survey* citing that 50% of U.S. consumers report wellness as a top priority in their lives, with “better skin appearance” sited as an important pillar in their wellness routine.

“The launch of WELLFIT skincare solutions brings to life more than 40 years of skin expertise, combined with smart innovation and technology to produce healthy, glowing skin for all,” said Randy Zeno, Sunless, Inc. CEO.

This revolutionary concept combines smart technology with unparallel skincare options crafted with clinically tested formulas by Sunless’s team of skincare experts. The solutions feature skin-loving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and essential peptides providing moisture, strength, and a long-lasting glow for healthy-looking skin. This effortless approach to healthy, radiant skin redefines self-care by simplifying your routine and allowing you to focus on feeling your most confident self. WELLFIT is proven to rejuvenate the senses with the infused scents of sea grass and sage.


HYDRATE – Quenches the thirst skin craves.

  • Patented Tri-Hydro Boost Complex™ features a unique formula that allows skin to soak up all the moisture it desires.
  • Active humectants such as glycerin draw moisture deep into the skin, providing immediate suppleness.
  • Impacts multiple layers of skin, restoring the moisture barrier of the skin.
  • The refreshing blend improves skin health maximizing long-term skincare performance.

LIFT – Delivers all the firm plumpness skin desires.

  • Features a powerful C-Lift Peptide Complex™ known for its collagen-boosting properties, including vitamins and essential peptides.
  • Helps replenish and restore collagen levels, making skin look healthier, plumper, brighter, and younger.
  • Skin feels instantly smoother, visibly reducing the appearance of surface wrinkles and imperfections for the ultimate firming pick me up.

RECOVER – Invigorates your skins health.

  • Crucial electrolytes refuel fatigued skin post activity, providing total body recovery and vital elasticity for skin that bounces back.
  • The activated Nitro+Mineral Complex™ features a cooling blend that instantly energizes the skin’s sensations to make it come alive.
  • Vital minerals infuse with the skin to restructure vibrancy and texture for recovery.

WELLFIT is available at Sunless, Inc. partner locations in the U.S. and is launching at other locations across the globe throughout the year. WELLFIT will be adding more treatments and skincare products throughout 2024.

WELLFIT skincare solutions are here to empower on-the-go, active-lifestyle enthusiasts. All solutions were created to be used as daily treatments, up to three times a week for optimal results.

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