We Are Sunshine

Sunless is for Everyone

Thursday, April 11th, 2024

By Alex Zeedyk, Devoted Creations

So who is the ideal sunless tanner? A tanner who wants a sun-less glow! There are many ways to achieve the perfect sunless tan at home or in the salon. Below we will discuss who uses sunless, where and why.

Sunless tanning is the perfect option for those who crave a bronzed sun kissed glow without any UV exposure.

Perfect for those who like to mask imperfections.

Perfect for those who are trying to fix pesky uneven tan lines.

Perfect for those who don’t have time to tan indoors or outdoors.

Perfect for those who are short on time and have an event coming up.

Perfect for all skin tones.

Perfect for those experiencing winter and don’t get to see the sun but crave a little color.

Perfect for those who are traveling and need a little extra boost.

Perfect for those who maybe just want an extra bronzed glow for their legs.

Sunless is the perfect option for whatever Mother Nature brings.

The world of sunless has drastically evolved thought-out the years, quicker than ever within the past couple of years.

At home tanning regimens really took off in sales during the Pandemic. Not only were people creating a spa-like sensation at home by treating themselves to DIY facials, manicures and pedicures but they were testing out sunless treatments to see which products were worth it and posting their results on various social media platforms.

With all new sunless technology there is on the market today, say goodbye to unpleasant odors, streaking and those horrendous orange tones. There is no longer a “one shade fits all” in the world of sunless. Whether you are fair or tan, there are now endless shade ranges and more customizable options for any skin tone. For example, if you are on the lighter side, there is a light option that won’t over-saturate your skin and still give you glow worthy results.

Not only has the technology advanced over the past decade, but now many sunless options are loaded with skincare ingredients, which we have found users seek out. Some include anywhere from skin tightening, anti-aging, skin detoxifying and smoothing ingredients. So, at the end of the day, not only are you getting a bronzed glow, but you are also getting the added benefit of high-end skincare ingredients.

With all the various tanning products out there, sunless doesn’t strictly have to be spray tans or sunless mousses. There are instant bronzing formulas that can be washed off, gradual tanners that can produce a tan within just a couple short uses and transfer resistant self-tanning waters for anyone who craves a tan without cosmetic coloring. There are now rapid sunless products that are designed for tanners who are short on time or just those who prefer to not sleep in their tan. The options are endless.

Whether you live in sunnier places where your skin is always golden and you need a bronzed glow to show off or you’re experiencing a winter right now and just want a subtle glow to feel good, regardless of the season, it’s always nice to feel good in your skin. Most people feel their best when their skin is bronzed and glowing. A tan is the best accessory to any outfit or event. A tan can also play a huge role in boosting someone’s confidence. I myself feel almost unstoppable when I have a bronzed glow.

Spring vacation season is still in full effect, and summer is coming, so sunless tanners will be stocking up on their favorite sunless products. Especially if they will be in and out of the ocean, pools, etc., you will need to make sure you are taking proper care of your color to extend the life of their tan, as all those various water activities will inevitably fade the tan quicker. Sunless tan maintenance is just as important if not more than important than the application of sunless tanner itself. Making sure your skin is properly exfoliated and prepped is crucial to the life of your color.

So, whether you’re craving an airbrushed glow for your tropical destination or just want to mask and blur some imperfections, sunless is evolving at a faster rate than ever before, and with all these new products, there will be a perfect option for any occasion and season!