We Are Sunshine

Sunless Meets Skin Care

Friday, November 17th, 2023

Like today’s UV tanning products, many of the industry’s self-tanning and sunless care products have become more multifaceted. In general, the lines between different types of sunless, tanning and skin care are blurring. Some are even for all three, plus additional benefits relating to different light spectrums.

Today’s sunless products also tend to include a variety of valuable skin care ingredients, and the plethora of options are often geared toward specific goals, making it easy to find the perfect match for different customers.

Another key selling point for price-conscious tanners, as well as a growing trend in the market, is multi-use products, more of which than ever are also flooding the market. The capacity to be used in multiple ways is also a selling point for other products you’re selling in addition to session tanning lotions. Some products even have customers covered for all of the mainstay service options in tanning businesses today. They’re great options for users of any of the services, and in some cases, knowing the product they already spent good money on can be beneficial with other services could even motivate a purchaser to try a new service. Multi-use products and the plethora of different beneficial skin care ingredients being incorporated also presents another opportunity to increase sales to tanning fanatics who already know and appreciate the value of great products. Encourage them to mix it up.

Some people are all in on spray tanning and self-tanning. Some people aren’t. Added skin care benefits and utility with different services is a great way to get those who aren’t to dip their toes into sunless.

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