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Selling Sunless Products to UV Tanners

Monday, January 24th, 2022

By Ashley Wottring, California Tan Sunless

Along with their UV tanning lotion, an easy way to  optimize a customer’s tanning experience is by encouraging UV-only tanners to purchase sunless products. By combining both UV and sunless tanning methods, you can increase product sales and also have more satisfied customers.

Break tanning plateaus. Every tanner hits the dreaded plateau, and figuring out how to break it can be a challenge. Tanning plateaus happen for a number of reasons, but we know that hydrated and healthy skin tans best. To add hydration to the skin, layer a sunless maximizer underneath a UV tannin product. Applying a maximizer under a tannin lotion with dHA will amplify the lotion’s ability to product a tan, and applying it underneath an intensifier will create additional hydration.

Maintain color between sessions. A tan fades based on a number of controllable and uncontrollable factors such as the environment, how well the skin is cared for and many others. Selling a sunless product to UV tanners allows them to keep their golden glow between tanning sessions, supporting the overall goal of getting tanner with each salon visit.

Prepare Skin for Vacations. Many tanners create a tanning routine when preparing for a vacation. By using a sunless exfoliator prior to vacation, tanners remove skin cells that would soon naturally slough off, leaving behind fresh skin to be tanned and prevent premature peeling.

Nourish Your Tan. Sunless tan extenders contain ingredients that not only hydrate the skin, but they impart small doses of the main sunless ingredient DHA. Selling sunless tan extenders to UV tanners will not only help prevent their tan from fading, but it will also educate them more on sunless tanning.

Cater a Tan. Every tanner has specific spots that are difficult to tan, such as the legs, face or stomach. Because warm skin easily absorbs sunless tanning ingredients better, sell you tanners an at-home spray kit. Tanners can spray their trouble spots immediately after their UV tanning session for an even tan.

Selling sunless products to UV-only tanners opens up a new opportunity for sales, without having to bring in a new customer. To help your customers get their best bronze, introduce your customers to all of the benefits sunless products provide a UV tan.