We Are Sunshine

Sunniest states are the happiest states, CDC survey shows

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

DEC. 22, 2009 — A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey is shining light on what makes a state a happy place to live — literally shining sunlight, that is.

2009-12-22 sunshine day-tanningnews copyAccording to the survey of 1.3 million people nationwide, people who live in sunny states are the happiest. “The survey reveals that a person’s level of happiness is in direct relation to one’s perceived quality of life. Issues like climate, crime rates, air quality and schools have significant influence on happiness,” reported on the survey. “Sunshine also seems to be a key contributor to overall happiness. In reviewing the top 15 happiest states, it is hard to miss that more than half of them are states experience more days of sunshine than other states.”

2009-12-22-Top-15-Happiest-The Examiner story continued, “Many studies prove healthy exposure to sunshine improves an individual’s overall sense of well-being and happiness. Regular and safe exposure to sunshine will stimulate the production of Serotonin, Melatonin and Vitamin D, thereby promoting a good mental outlook, more restful sleep and an improved immune system.”

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