We Are Sunshine

Superstar Sales Team
Part 2: Training and Building Confidence

Tuesday, February 6th, 2024

As explored in the previous installment of this series last month, the recruitment process for a sales position in a tanning business is often centered around assessing potential. It’s rare to encounter a flawless candidate, but identifying individuals who exude charisma and harbor a genuine passion for your work environment significantly boosts their likelihood of success in sales.

Subsequently, the task of unlocking their full potential largely falls into your hands.

Today, there are more resources than ever that detail the different elements of industry-specific sales training, with plenty that even delve into more advanced techniques. Smart Tan Sales Training serves as an optimal foundation for new employees, with industry product suppliers offering a bevy of additional support. Hundreds of webinars, video trainings, and supplementary resources are available from Devoted Creations, Sun Evolutions and New Sunshine, and they cover the full spectrum of salon operations and sales topics. If your staff is motivated to succeed, and you’re willing to invest in their education, all the information you’ll ever need is there for the taking.

Given the accessibility of information, perhaps the greatest challenge as a tanning business sales trainer comes back to helping team members develop confidence and express enthusiasm for the services and products they’re selling. In practice, that means they need to be willing and able to actively engage with clients and guide them toward the purchasing options that will give them the best experience and results while also aligning with the most important sales objectives of the business.

“A core belief I have is, ‘People are silently begging to be led.’ They want to make a good decision, and if you have 100 percent belief in your product and you convey that with 100 percent enthusiasm, you will succeed,” says Sundays Sun Spa owner Dennis Ligon.

“If you are not enthusiastic about what you offer, chances are your clients will not feel any need to spend their time and money with you. Before they can believe in our services and products since they haven’t used them, their decision to buy is going to be based on your belief and enthusiasm.”

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