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Tanning Brands Switch Gears to Help Fight COVID-19

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

In the midst of this unprecedented health crisis, tanning industry manufacturers and distributors have sprung to action, producing products and equipment that provide protection against COVID-19 and help salons adjust to the challenging circumstances.

Devoted Creations and Sun Evolutions are both offering hand sanitizer products that are in short supply around the country, helping tanning business keep their staffs and customers safe, and giving them another product option to bring in much-needed revenue. Judging by feedback from business owners, the products have been well received by both salons and salon customers. Devoted Creations is also marketing a line of protective face masks. You can contact your tanning product distributors to order these products to sell in your salon, or via delivery or pick-up if you’re not yet able to open. Or, use discount code SMARTTAN at to get 20 percent off your purchase of the Devoted Creations hand sanitizer. Click here for more information about Hempz Hand Sanitizer, which is also now available in a limited edition 17 oz. bottle.

Delving outside the tanning industry to lend a hand, Supra Brands owner Leif Vasstrom is using his expertise to help the effort against COVID-19, transitioning to manufacturing UVC lamps that are used to disinfect ambulances and other medical environments.

And, Tanning Salon Pros, a South Dakota distributor and subsidiary of Year Round Brown salons, is now offering Desktop Protective Guards for retailers nationwide. The Desktop Protective Guards are designed to act as a physical barrier to stop the spread of germs, and many local city ordinances are requiring protective barriers. These acrylic sheets can be easily sanitized using non-abrasive cleaners. Click here for additional information about these guards, and call 605-331-2500 or email to order.

Thank you to all these companies that are doing their part to help both the industry and the world, and all the tanning businesses that are making tremendous efforts and great sacrifices to keep their employees and communities safe!