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Tanning Businesses Say Lotion Sales Are Hardest Hit In Slow Economy

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Half of tanning salon owners say lotion sales have been the tanning business segment most affected by the economy this year, according to a poll conducted in the last week of March.

2008-04-01-bottled-up-copy.jpgThe poll revealed that just under one quarter of owners, 24 percent, felt tanning session sales were impacted more heavily than lotion sales, while 26 percent felt sessions and lotions were impacted equally by the economy.

The poll results, while not scientific, come as tanning business owners are reporting mixed results so far this year. Earlier polls have shown that the economy is the number one influence on the tanning business this year, but a poll conducted in late February showed that two-thirds of indoor tanning businesses felt the first six weeks of 2008 met or exceeded their expectations, with 42 percent saying business exceeded expectations in January and February.

That’s a good sign, given the clear signs of a sluggish overall American economy.

The new poll — showing that lotion sales have been affected most — suggests that salon employees are having a harder time up-selling session packages, upgrades and lotions. Items that the consumer might cut back on. “That’s why sales training in a tight economy is so important,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “Tanning businesses need to make sure they are not allowing the tanning experience to degrade by not promoting lotion usage just because the employee might perceive it to be a tougher sale.”

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