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Tanning Community Fighting ‘Sun Scare’

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Nearly nine out of 10 tanning facility owners say they have convinced total strangers that the “Sun Scare” message is missing the mark, according to a poll conducted this month.

According to the poll, 88 percent of owners say they have convinced strangers that ‘Sun Scare’ is wrong. Only 12 percent said they haven’t.tanningcommunityfighting

“My personal interpretation of this — based on what I’ve seen and who I’ve talked to this year — is that there are three reasons the numbers in this poll are so lopsided,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “First, I think the science has lined up in favor of regular sun exposure this year in a way that is incredibly obvious once you understand it. Second, I think the tanning community is as motivated as ever to set the record straight in the light of over-the-top Sun Scare messaging. And third, I think we’ve put more material in front of people this year to help them spread a responsible message.”

Chemical sunscreen manufacturers and dermatology groups linked to sunscreen companies have come under fire this year for promoting daily over-use of their products, which contain suspected carcinogens and toxins that have not been properly tested for daily use. The Environmental Working Group — a Washington-based consumer advocacy organization — has called for a comprehensive review of sunscreen safety. Additionally, some dermatology leaders are starting to question their peers over-the-top anti-sun campaigns as dangerous and misguided.