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Tanning Supplies Unlimited’s ‘Army of Installers’

Tuesday, June 27th, 2023

With more KBL equipment than ever flooding into the U.S., it takes an “army of installers” to keep up with demand. As we speak, close to 100 certified technicians are working days, nights and weekends around the country installing new units and remedying uncommon maintenance needs that can’t be easily handled by salon owners or staff.

Although the scope of the installation team is impressive, quality still comes before quantity. Anyone who installs KBL equipment must be certified and have their training updated regularly. They also follow strict protocol to ensure that the equipment is installed properly, and the new owners are well prepared to operate the equipment and perform routine maintenance.

“We feel it’s important to only have people work on the beds who have been certified so we know our customers get the best possible experience. You can’t just stick 300 people out there and have 200 that can’t do the job in the appropriate way. Certified authorized technicians must come to training sessions once a year and get certified on new products and updated on any manufacturing changes and new equipment, which has been a lot over the last five years. Then they do follow-up training where we request them to provide on-site training for operations and maintenance of the equipment along with the installation,” says TSU VP of Sales and Marketing Bill Pipp.

“They complete an installation checklist when they go out and send it back to us and provide a training checklist. Staff members sign off on the training document that they’ve gone through with 25 to 30 operation and maintenance items. The installer is responsible for educating the salon owner and/or staff on operation of the equipment and maintenance that should be completed on the equipment, so they’re better prepared to easily inform members on operation and for the staff to easily perform required maintenance so that their KBL equipment is always operating at peak performance.”

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