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Tell Your Governor to Open Tanning Businesses First

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

With state governors now grappling with the question of when to allow non-essential retail businesses to re-open and how, the American Suntanning Association has already reached out to governor offices in all 50 states asking that professional indoor tanning facilities — which have implicit sanitation standards as part of standard operations — be among the first retail groups allowed to reopen. To help ensure that your business can open as soon as possible, ASA has created an automated email for you to send to your governor as well.

ASA has not asked for tanning facilities to open earlier than other retail operations. The goal of the letters is simply to point out that professional sunbed facilities do not involve person-to-person contact and — when the state begins re-opening retail operations — should not be excluded from opening based on contact or crowd concerns.

Every state will be tackling this issue differently. Some neighboring states have formed alliances to analyze the question of “when” collectively, with each state still likely to make its own decisions independently. That will continue to evolve in the next few weeks.

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