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The More the Merrier: Spice up the holiday season with a continuous display of festivities and promotions

Tuesday, October 11th, 2022

Like it or not, the holidays have taken on a significantly capitalistic slant. It’s the American way, after all. But, as a business owner, that’s something to be thankful for.

While the competition for people’s precious dollars is at its fiercest this time of year, nearly every retail and service business gets a boost from the holiday season. Tanning businesses are also uniquely positioned to benefit. It might not be prime season yet, but we’re getting there, and summer sun is dwindling in much of the country. In that respect, the “tanning pre-season” very much revolves around the holiday calendar.

“We try to keep as many people coming through the door as we go through slow season starting in July, and when we can keep them coming in, we generally have a pretty good success rate of getting them on a membership moving forward. Keep that summer tan going, then get to Halloween, look good in your costume and pictures, then Christmas, and New Year’s, we still have to look good,” says Fierce Tan owner Claytin Williams.

Selling gifts is a significant opportunity for revenue, but much of your sales are also built around people’s desire to look their best for events, which are abundant over the next three months. Don’t forget you’re also selling relaxation, which is in high demand throughout the hectic holiday season.

Still, some salons will capitalize more than others. Your regular customers will certainly come to you for their pre-event tanning and gift purchases, but the effort you put into your holiday presence will largely determine how much you get out of it. Play into the next three months of continuous festivities as much as you can. Set the mood for visitors. Take that infectious vibe to social media get lapsed customers back in their tanning routine and attract new customers for event prep and gift purchases. Be strategic about offering promotions that are engaging and valuable to the customer as well as your business. Make your business a valuable part of your broader community, as well.

Last but certainly not least, treat every interaction an opportunity to gain more than a sale that day, and ensure that all your effort now will continue to pay off throughout the year to come.

Throughout all of that, be authentic. In the capitalistic craze the holiday season has become, be the company that embodies the true spirit of the holidays. At the end of the day, making the right impressions on your customers and new visitors will have a greater long-term impact than any promotion or gift card sale.

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