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The Right Stuff: Effective light therapy depends on delivery, power and proximity

Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

The possibilities for red light and other light therapy services in tanning businesses have changed. Whether you’re trying to reshape the positioning of your business or just add a solid new revenue stream, success depends on light therapy equipment that provides the results it’s supposed to in a manner that customers can see and feel. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case with most red light equipment in our industry as the service has gradually risen to prominence.

If you have owned or personally experienced prior generations of low-pressure red light equipment, there’s a good chance you or your clients were moderately impressed with the results. But equipment with LED red lights has changed the game. The keys to effective red light therapy are the delivery system, power and proximity. Red light LEDs provide the level of power necessary to provide the best results. Proximity to the skin is also paramount for red light. All the power in the world won’t make a difference if the source is too far from the skin.

When it comes to full-body red light units, compared to a typical 32-lamp low-pressure red light unit, the SST 28 SmartSun Therapy™ device, with 28,043 LED’s is a whole different category, emitting more than ten times the output of the low-pressure unit. And, when you consider the close proximity of the LEDs on the SST 28 to the user, it’s more like 20 times more effective.

Carly White, manager of Pacific Tan in Michigan, has quickly come to appreciate the effectiveness of the SST 28 by getting as many customers as possible into the device and carefully surveying each customer’s progress. “The technology in the SST 28 has so many potential benefits that we wanted to carefully survey each customer’s progress with each session,” White says. “We had customers whose skin showed major improvements, who felt like they had more energy, less pain, improved sleep, and lost weight and inches. This is a home run for our business.”

The SST 28 is the only device on the market today that incorporates SmartSun Therapy™ into a full-body treatment system to combine maximum effectiveness with ease and comfort. Designed to form to the body’s natural structure in order to deliver the powerful effects of Red Light, Near-Infrared Light, and Blue Light therapy within inches of the user. The SST 28 has been engineered with these factors in mind, making the SST 28 the only device on the market today maximizing these efficiencies.

Designed specifically for the indoor tanning industry, the SST 28 is certainly capable of becoming an important revenue stream for salons, but Russell’s primary motivation for this venture is about much more. The SST 28 exists to take this industry from the suntan parlors of the last 40 years, designed to get you a cosmetic tan, to Light Therapy businesses of the future designed to teach our communities about the value of sunlight.