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The Smart Place to Tan®: Reinforce your commitment to education by making Smart Tan a focal point of your brand

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

If you’re still thinking about technical training and certification as simply a necessary process to meet regulations, it’s definitely time for a change of perspective. While any training provider can help you meet your most minimal needs and requirements, Smart Tan is in a category of its own.

So, if you’re still evaluating your training options, make sure you consider more than how much it costs to get that piece of paper on the wall. When you think about all the benefits of a better training option, the cheap option might not seem like the best deal at all anymore.

Smart Tan is more than training. It’s more than information. It’s a way of doing business. Unlike other training platforms that just provide enough information to pass a test and get a certification, Smart Tan behavior-based training is designed to change the way your employees, and your business, operate. It’s the type of training that helps define who you are as a tanning business. You care about your clients. You’re the best of the best. You’re investing in their wellbeing and quality experiences.

“I think Smart Tan is the best training possible for our employees. We try to offer the best customer service, the best training, best equipment, best perks for members. It’s important to me to be the best,” says Melene Hatcher of Ocean Rayz Tanning

If you’re striving to be the best, you certainly want to make that apparent to your clients, too. That’s why many member salons wave their Smart Tan flag wide and high. The benefits of having the best training exceed even the monumental impact it will have on the way your employees perform. No matter what else your business’s brand entails, you undoubtedly want to be known as the best educated and most dedicated to client safety and wellbeing. There’s no easier way to portray that image than to highlight your affiliation with Smart Tan, still the industry’s only full-service educational association.

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