We Are Sunshine

The SmartSun Therapy™ SST 28

Thursday, December 8th, 2022

The only device on the market today that incorporates SmartSun Therapy™ into a full-body treatment system to combine maximum effectiveness with ease and comfort. Designed to form to the body’s natural structure in order to deliver the powerful effects of Red Light, Near-Infrared Light, and Blue Light therapy within inches of the user. The SST 28 also includes frequency massage therapy as an added relaxation benefit.

Producing the most effective light therapy system requires careful engineering that balances the amount of energy emitted from each diode, the total amount of energy emitted from the device, and the distance between the light source and the body. SmartSun Therapy™ has been engineered with these factors in mind, making the SST 28 the only device on the market today maximizing these efficiencies.

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