We Are Sunshine

The Sunless Regimen Your Valued Customers Need

Thursday, August 31st, 2023

By Megan Racine, Devoted Creations/Selfie Glow

As we approach the closing months of the summer, temperatures start to cool down at night and leaves start the beginning stages of changing colors. We start to reorganize our routines when our kids go back to school and fall sports start preseason training. The one thing that doesn’t change is our sunless tanning regimen.

Regardless of what month it is, you see your regulars twice a week or you have your event tanners returning because they have a wedding, birthday or vacation they are attending. We want our customers to be using the best products for their tan, so being the one-stop shop for all their aftercare needs is the best solution. They are already coming into the salon for the service so why should they have to go elsewhere for products that are right in front of them? You always get the question, “How do I make my spray tan last longer?” and you give them the same answer “Preparation, Maintenance and Extending Products!”. So, let’s talk about the Selfie Sunless glow regimen your valued customers need.

It all starts with preparation. Applying a prep product on the skin is not only good for balancing the skin’s pH levels for optimal absorption of the solution, but it also helps keep everything hydrated. We tell our customers to come in with nothing on their skin, and sometimes doing that can make our skin feel a little dry. So instead of putting on a moisturizer that may inhibit the spray penetration into the skin, Perfectionist Prep Gel or Pre-Tan Primer 8 oz spray is the perfect primer to kick off the regimen with. It’s a lightweight formula with Watermelon extract and an Electrolyte Blend helps to maintain optimal hydration levels in the skin while targeting fine lines, wrinkles and dry spots on the skin.

Once the spray session is complete, the next product for them is in the maintenance category.

In this scenario, a customer’s maintenance begins in the shower. The next recommended product is a sulfate-free, non-alkaline in-shower formula that won’t strip their tan or their skin’s natural oils that help to maintain hydration, and that is none other than Double Bubble Body Wash. This skin softening formula contains pH balancers and antioxidants for longer-lasting color and helps to protect from free radical damage.

Lastly is an extending product. Extending products not only give your skin a little extra color, but they are also hydrating products. If you have dry skin, your tan will fade quicker no matter how hard you try to prolong the color. The major responsibility of a color extender is to help extend the tan and maintain the skin’s hydration levels. Extending products can range from Color Lust Bronze Mousse to Night Tan Overnight Lotion or even Clearly Bronze self-tanning water. Everyone’s idea and definition of an extending product will differ as many products fit into that category. However, the type of product is also based on the customer’s needs and wants. Every customer interaction will be different, so it is imperative to understand everything that the customer wants so they get the best products for their tan.

When consulting your customers about spray tanning, whether they are an existing customer or a new customer, you know their biggest concern. You want to start off right away by showing them a whole system and addressing the concern even if they haven’t mentioned it. If not, the next time they come in, they will ask. This shows them that you were thinking ahead about how they can achieve their best results. So, bring down your complimentary products for spray tanning in each of those categories and talk about them as a system.

First step is preparation and, as we all know, preparation is key to creating the perfect canvas. Second step is maintaining that spray tan color, and maintenance of a spray tan begins in the shower. Third step is extending the color. No one wants their color to be gone in 5 days, they all want to keep it for as long as possible. The best options are a color-extending tan extender or even a gradual self-tanner. The spray tan won’t last with products that are not formulated for spray tanning and keeping the color, so it is very important that your clients understand that the products you offer are not just for show, they are there for a reason and to achieve their best results they need to be using the right products!