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The Support You Need

Thursday, February 17th, 2022

Gina Jaeger-Morris, Business Development Manager, Sun Evolutions

Sun Evolutions understands that every tanner is unique, and so is every tanning business! While providing a range of products that appeal to all of your customers’ performance needs and unique sense of style, the company is also committed to understanding the distinctive characteristics of every salon they work with and catering to their individualized needs.

“Here at Sun Evolutions, we’re very conscious of the efforts we make to make salon owners feel appreciated and supported. We understand each salon is unique in their own way, so we really strive to support them in that specific way. I believe our customer service is unsurpassed. We value each and every customer and earn their support with the support we provide,” says Sun Evolutions Business Development Manager Gina Jaeger-Morris

In this Smart Tan exclusive interview, Gina shares details on their products, training and promotional support for 2022.

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