We Are Sunshine

The Test of Time

Thursday, May 18th, 2023

Faraje Kharsa, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, FIT Bodywrap

The FIT Bodywrap was first introduced specifically for the tanning industry 15 years ago, and it’s been a mainstay in salons around the country ever since. Today, with thousands of FIT Bodywraps now in operation, the service has certainly stood the test of time. While remaining one of the most affordable and profitable diversification options in the industry, FIT Bodywrap technology has gotten stronger, faster, and better over the years, making it possible to serve more clients in less time and further enhance profits.

All the while, FIT Bodywrap has been led by co-founders Faraje Kharsa and Michel Mikse, who is also the company’s chief engineer. Kharsa is also the owner of iTAN Sun Spray Spa and Evolv Tan. Given his many years and diversity of experience, Kharsa has a unique perspective to offer and understands first-hand the keys to success at the salon level. “We’re veterans. We never left the tanning industry. We’ve always been here. We’re tried and true and proven,” he says.

In this Smart Tan exclusive interview, Kharsa explains the value proposition of the FIT Bodywrap, as well as how the company is continuing to evolve and improve.

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