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‘The Vitamin D Solution’ Hits Stores

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

2010-04-06 The Vitamin D Solution - Michael F Holick MD PhD copy“Here’s something else to consider: Vitamin D made in the skin lasts at least twice as long in the blood as vitamin D ingested from the diet. When you are exposed to sunlight, you make not only vitamin D but also at least five and up to ten additional photoproducts that you would never get from dietary sources or from a supplement. So the obvious question is, why would Mother Nature be making all of these vitamin D photoproducts if they weren’t having a biologic effect? — Dr. Michael Holick, Boston University Vitamin D pioneer who advocates regular UV exposure as the natural and intended way to make vitamin D. Holick’s new book, “The Vitamin D Solution” hit book stores this month.

Holick makes it clear that his job is not to advocate tanning, but lays out the facts that humans need more UV than they have been getting, and that the benefits of regular UV exposure outweigh the risks if you take proper measure to avoid sunburn.

The Vitamin D Solution is available at book dealers nationwide.