We Are Sunshine

Time to TANGO

Thursday, September 16th, 2021

By Jackie Gruber, Caribbean Beach Tanning

In the summer months we create a BINGO card for the staff, but we call it TANGO. We have 25 spots on the card that are a mix of things to sell, such as tanning packages, lotion bottles, packets, VIP sign-ups, accessories and more. We run TANGO for one week at a time then clear the card for the next week. We simply laminate the cards so we can reuse them each week. We can make these spots specific if we are trying to motivate a sale, but once the employee gets a TANGO, they get a reward. Rewards have changed from year to year, but we have done cash, gift cards and products mostly. This will keep the staff focused and in charge of their progress to keep discussing things with customers when we are slower.

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