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Tips from Pinterest Pros

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Use the latest social media craze, Pinterest, as part of your marketing strategy with these tips from the article “6 Pinterest Tips From Power Users.”

  1. Social media strategist Mike Street emphasizes the benefit of using third-party services to help you make more impact. “Quotes and pics are M-O-N-E-Y on Pinterest. Use sites like to allow you to push out a high-impact message with ease, and you’ll be repined like crazy. is my new secret weapon!”
  2. McDonalds’s Pinterest page manager Lizzie Roscoe recommends using content that’s useful for your viewers, and staying away from sales pitches. “Before you pin on behalf of a company or brans, always ask yourself: ‘Is this content unique, original, fun or helpful in any way?’ Don’t pin everything under the sun, but really give thought to the images or videos you are pinning. What story does the image or video communicate about your company?”
  3. Social media consultant Kelly Liebermann tells readers to be careful when they ‘repin.’ “Repin responsibly: Click through before you repin. I know that this is time consuming and you might feel like the responsibility is with the original pinner but it is so worth it, to you and your fellow pinners. Make sure that the links work and that the content goes with the image that you are repining.”
  4. Blogger Allison Tyler suggests using helpful tools, PinSearch and TinEye, for determining what to pin, and “If you’re not a plug-in sort of person, simply go to, select Images, click the little camera icon that appears to the right of the search bar, upload the image you are searching got, and Google will give you suggestions,” she recommends.
  5. Marketer Drew Hawkins emphasizes finding a way to differentiate your page, as he did with his page, The Board of Man. “Find your ‘win space.’ What is something unique you could do in Pinterest that piques interest? The Board of Man was the first male board on Pinterest. It goes to show that you don’t have to be crafty, inspirational or fashion oriented to win on Pinterest.”
  6. Copywriter Tyler Cheese says that it’s important to use Pinterest in conjunction with other social media platforms. “Pinterest works best when you use it along with your other social media channels, especially if you’re using it to try and get the word out about something…Without the help of my awesome followers, friends and connections not as many people would have seen what I was putting out there.”

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