We Are Sunshine

TODAY’S HEADLINE STORY: Free Smart Tan Webinar For You and Your Staff Every Monday in March

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy is leading a 30-minute live webinar class every Monday in March – a first-ever Smart Tan internet-based teleconference designed to focus your staff on the keys to success for this tanning season.

2009-03-04-joe-in-your-salon-copy.jpg“We’re doing this now because this season is just that important.” Levy said. “This class is designed to be a doable boost for your store just when you need it.”

Smart Tan CEO Matt Russell, Smart Tan-Canada Director Steve Gilroy, Corporate Relations Director Justin Warren and Levy have spoken at distributor-sponsored regional events across North America since late November – talking with representatives from thousands of salons following up on Smart Tan’s national conference in Nashville last fall.

“What we’ve learned – listening to the salon community – is that executing a consistent sales plan in the salon continues to be a struggle for many in the tanning community today – even among those who faithfully attend industry conferences.”

Maximizing sales opportunities now that the tanning season is underway will be the difference between survival and struggle for many. “We want to help you remember what’s important – to give you and your staff the tools right now when you need them. We want to help you survive and thrive this season. Right now.”

Levy’s webinar, entitled “Vitamin D and Beyond: Keys to Sales Success in 2009” looks at the things you can do right now – today – to boost your sales in season.

“For many, this season will be critical – the difference between success and year-long struggle,” Levy said. “We realized it’s our responsibility to do everything we can right now to help you make the most of your season.”

Material covered in the session includes:

1) Vitamin D: What “the sunshine vitamin” means to your clients this year, what you should say, what you can say and – importantly – what you cannot say this season.

2) Successful lotion sales: What are the fundamentals that many salons study but often forget to implement season after season? What you can do right now to correct that.

3) Successful upgrade sales: Simple keys to maximizing your salon’s upgrade sales potential. What can you do right now to make a difference.

“These are all lessons from Smart Tan’s on-line salon employee curriculum – our full in-salon Master’s Program training,” Levy said. “But this 30-minute class is designed to present the material that you can implement today to make your spring season as successful as it can be – to maximize your transaction potential.

The webinar is free to salon owners and their staff – accessible via internet from anywhere in the world.

“We will repeat the class every Monday in March to make it easy for you and your staff to participate,” Levy said. “We want to do everything we can to help you succeed.”

Call Smart Tan at 800-652-3269 or 866-795-3755 in Canada to register for the class, or click here to register on-line for any of the dates.