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TODAY’S HEADLINE STORY: Internet health guru slams the use of sunscreen

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Dr. William Campbell Douglass — the ‘mythbuster’ author of internet-based health newsletter The Douglass Report — has slammed anti-sun naysayers and is even telling his readers to stop using sunscreen altogether.

2008-11-14-no-sunscreen-copy.jpg“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that the sunlight-will-kill-you propaganda has taken root. But these sunscreen-slathering, umbrella-toting pasties aren’t any healthier for all of their misguided efforts,” Douglass wrote. “You see, every time they smear the smelly gunk on their skin, cover every inch with long-sleeved shirts and silly hats, or just refuse to go outside, they’re increasing their chances of developing cancer, arthritis, brittle bones, and plenty of other less-than-healthy problems. That’s because in the process of blocking out the sun’s UV rays, they’re also blocking out one of the most important nutrients for your body-one that you literally cannot live without.”

Douglass continues, “Everyone’s worried about developing malignant melanoma, but the sun DOES NOT cause melanoma or any other kind of fatal cancer. Of course, if you spend hours and hours in the sun, it’ll turn your skin dark and leathery, and you’ll wind up looking like a shriveled prune. But it still won’t give you skin cancer. The truth is that a LACK of adequate sunlight is a strong factor in the development of melanoma. That’s right: Exposure to the sun can actually help PROTECT you from cancer — including melanoma-and from a host of other diseases as well. A reasonable amount of sunscreen-free natural sun exposure is ESSENTIAL to your health.”

To read Douglas’ full report click here.