We Are Sunshine

TODAY’S HEADLINE STORY: Vitamin D research makes news on a daily basis

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

New research about “the sunshine vitamin” is now making daily news on a regular basis, with multiple stories on the same day becoming a common occurrence.

“The news about vitamin D is so far-reaching now — from cancer prevention to vitamin D’s role in preventing autism — the reports are becoming more and more common,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said.

2008-07-16-daily-d-copy.jpgWednesday’s vitamin D headlines in the news included:

  • Vitamin D gives Immunodiagnostic Systems a boost (Medical Laboratory World, London)- Doctors Suggest Vitamin D May be Key to Disease Prevention (WFMZ-TV Online – Allentown, PA)
  • Among Vitamins, D Seems Short for ‘Does a Lot’ (Voice of America)
  • Higher Vitamin D Levels Result in Better Survival Among Colorectal Cancer Patients (Cancer Consultants – Ketchum, ID)
  • Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy (Medscape)
  • Doctors eye vitamin D link to autism (United Press International)
  • Wham: Another Knockout Punch for Vitamin D (MedHeadlines, Chicago, IL)
  • Sunshine: Harmful and Healthy (Wall Street Journal, New York City)

Another story on Wednesday proclaimed, “Foods provide a better source of vitamin D than sun” — quoting a dermatologist and a nutritionist who suggest that “the sunshine vitamin” can best be obtained through diet and incidental intermittent sun exposure.

“If that was the case, why are a majority of Americans and 97 percent of Canadians vitamin D deficient?” Levy asked. “A lot of people in dermatology are trying to pound a square peg into a round hole when it comes to vitamin D.”