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Try out tanning equipment right on the floor at Smart Tan Downtown

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

SEPT. 2, 2009 — Smart Tan Downtown — Smart Tan’s 14th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Downtown Nashville Oct. 10-11 — will be indoor tanning’s first national trade show in history where tanning equipment manufacturers will have “live” tanning rooms right on the trade show floor for potential buyers.

2009-09-tannings-only-international-show-tanningnews-copy.jpgMore than 80 exhibiting companies introducing new lotion lines and equipment for 2010 will make up this year’s only national convention.

“We made the arrangements so that potential buyers can ‘kick the tires’ on new equipment this year, working with vendors and the host facility to make that possible for the first time,” Smart Tan Chairman Matt D. Russell said. “It’s all about making things more convenient and more enjoyable for our attendees.”

Smart Tan surveys suggest a large percentage of the tanning market is considering upgrading equipment in their salons in the next 12 months.
“We know there will be a lot of deals and future deals made at this event,” Russell said. “There is a lot of pent-up upgrade demand in the market right now. So we wanted to make sure this event was as easy as possible for both buyers and vendors. I think everyone will enjoy being able to see the equipment actually operating.”

Indoor tanning is on the cusp of its next boom, and the smartest tanning business owners will be positioned to be a part of it. Making sure you’re one of them is what Smart Tan’s 14th Annual Convention and Trade Show — Smart Tan Downtown — is all about.

Consider: Tanning boomed in the mid-1980s — growing from fad to acceptance as one of North America’s fastest growing industries. And it boomed again in the late 1990s — bolstered by a new generation of owners and the advent of professional salon products and equipment. And it stands to boom again in 2010 and beyond — driven by the fourth generation of salon ownership, truly innovative and professional salon practices and, most importantly, a huge science-driven correction in the public perception of regular UV exposure.

Will you be prepared to drive and take part in that next step in our market’s evolution — in your salon’s evolution? We want to help you, and we’ve made attending your 14th Annual Smart Tan Convention and Trade Show easier than ever.

$99 hotel rooms in the heart of Downtown Nashville’s night-life district.

$99 full convention and trade show admission.

Join us for an event designed to take the tanning community — and its salon leaders — to the next step in our market’s evolution: Smart Tan Downtown. Click here for registration and information.