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UVB LED Tanning: Coming soon

Thursday, March 30th, 2023

The combination of red light and UV LEDs in the KBL P9S has created a whole new consumer experience and helped change the way people view tanning. The reduced heat output of UV LED facials and shoulder tanners, coupled with red light, provides a more comfortable, skin-sensitive session. Numerous salon owners report that many customers who use the P9S now say they’ll never tan any other way.

Now, KBL is already set to build upon this development.

Scheduled to arrive at U.S. salons later this year, the KBL K9S is the first sunbed featuring UVB LEDs in the face tanner. With the K7, KBL built the foundation of the K-Series. Captivating design and innovative technologies lead the way for the newest top model K9S. Born from the pen of Etienne Salomé, a designer known for his work for Bugatti automobiles, the K9S completes the K-Series. SunSphere Pro marks a great leap into the future for KBL with the premiere of UVB LEDs in the facial tanner.

Then, coming in 2024, the KBL K11 Air will be the world’s first full-LED tanning unit. Featuring UVA, UVB and beautyBooster red light LEDs with 15,000 hours of life in its innovative open-air design, the KBL11 Air will provide a more sophisticated, skin-sensitive tanning experience from head to toe for the first time.

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