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Vendor Training Resources

Friday, February 26th, 2021

Devoted Creations

Director of Brand Development Lisa Saavedra:

“What we’ve realized more than ever is our salon partners need more than product training. In February, we did 12 Days of Training on different subjects. We also now have a social media specialist who does training for how to market on social media. Bailey does all social media training so if a salon needs to know how to grow via social media, she’ll teach that and how to sell through those avenues. Then we have Megan who does a lot of sales training, bundling training, how to train new employees because turnover has been so high, how to work on add-ons, how to break down different collections, into sunless and how to sell at-home sunless vs. indoor sunless, customer service…it’s all kinds of things salons need in this weird new era.”

For more information about Devoted Creations training resources, call 800-488-5524 or visit

Sun Evolutions

Global Sales Trainer David McFarland:

We do 4 monthly live Zoom shows Hosted by Gina or myself on current topics effecting tanning salons. The most recent one we did called “Psychology Of Free” had over 100 devices signed on.

We do custom content Zoom sessions one on one. Meaning basically tell us what you need or your team is weak at and we will tailor a training for that topic. Can be product training based on what you carry or sales training or both.  During a week we host anywhere from 5 to 20 of these powerful little zoom sessions and that leaves plenty of time for more…bottom line is we can travel much more efficiently digitally than we can physically.

Tons of recorded content as well. Everything from single product  60 second easy button product videos that can be used for training staff or on your lobby media screens for guests. To an archive full of  recorded zoom shows that can be shared, watched and saved for the salon.

For more information abour Sun Evolutions training resources, call 800-825-7020 or visit

New Sunshine

Regional Sales Manager Jess Snider

The best way to be always be informed and up to date on what New Sunshine has to offer is follow us on social media because we’re constantly posting new webinars or events. Our handle on Facebook and YouTube is @newsunshinetanning.

We also have our training site where you can register for monthly webinars. We post anywhere between 2-15 webinars per month and they’re open to everybody and free. You can sign up for those at www.trainwithnewsunshine. On that website, we have all our training on-demand videos where you can learn about product facts and benefits on-demand. We also have our live webinar sign up.

If you can’t join us live, if you register you automatically get the training link sent to your email after the webinar, so you’ll never miss out.