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‘Vitamin D Dogs’ Raise D Awareness

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

As part of a community art project, West Michigan-based salon chain Midnite Sun & Cruise decorated wooden sculpture ‘Vitamin D Dogs’ to raise awareness of the powerful health impact of vitamin D.

The Grand Haven arf Walk is a community art project organized by the Grand Haven Main Street Downtown Development Authority to raise money for district improvements. Businesses and individuals purchased and decorated wooden sculpture dogs and displayed them in front of their business and throughout the city.

Midnite Sun & Cruise saw this project as a great opportunity to benefit the community and spread the vitamin D message. The Vitamin D Dogs are creatively decorated and feature sections from the Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation brochure, as well as a QR code that directs to

“We got involved to help support our local community and because we feel it was a terrific way to get the message out about vitamin D and the prevention of breast cancer. The main message of our arf Walk dogs is how to prevent breast cancer,” Midnite Sun & Cruise owner Victoria Van Dine says.

The sculptures were decorated beginning in April and will be displayed around the community through the Grand Haven ArtWalk, Sept. 19 to Oct. 6. On Sept. 29, all the dogs will be taken to downtown Grand Haven where a public voting will be held and “Best in Show” prizes will be given.

Van Dine and Midnite Sun & Cruise are committed to spreading the vitamin D message and encourage other salons to do the same.

“We can help save lives one sun ray at a time!” she says. “The person’s life you save might be your family member or best friend.”

Click here for more about the Grand Haven arf Walk.