We Are Sunshine

Vitamin D is Dominating Health News Worldwide This Month

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

The sun never seems to set on “The Sunshine Vitamin” these days, with worldwide media coverage now the norm and dozens of major stories hitting newspapers, television and radio every day.

2009-02-25-worldwide-media-coverage-tanningnews-copy.jpgHere is a sampling of a few headlines from February 24 alone:

“Vitamin D may protect against common cold” — CNN. “Vitamin D may protect people — especially those with asthma and other chronic lung conditions — from colds and other respiratory tract infections.”

“Too Little Vitamin D May Mean More Colds and Flu” — U.S. News & World Report.

“Vital Signs Aging: Vitamin D Levels Tied to Dementia Risk” — New York Times. “Low blood levels of vitamin D may be associated with an increased risk for dementia, a British study has found.”

“Vitamin D deficiency can result in joint pain”Atlanta Journal Constitution. “My husband’s vitamin D level was very low, so his endocrinologist put him on 2000 units per day.”

“Even sun-lovers may need extra vitamin D” — Dallas Morning News.

“Time To Get A Little Vitamin D” — WWNY TV, New York. “Sunshine is good for you, in moderation. Mama Nature sees to it our sunshine gets doled out in moderation so head out and soak up some rays.”

“Vitamin D tied to muscle power in girls” — “Vitamin D is best known for its role in aiding calcium absorption and maintaining healthy bones, but it is also important in normal muscle function.”

“Vitamin D Deficiency May Increase the Risk of Colds” — Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Calcium Linked to Lower Colon Cancer Risk, Study Finds” — New York Times. “Vitamin D, which is often consumed with calcium, may be the pivotal player in cancer prevention and ought to be a focus of ongoing study.”

“Prenatal vitamin D linked to kids’ dental health” —, Canada. “By maintaining adequate vitamin D levels during pregnancy, mothers may be protecting their babies against early tooth decay.”