We Are Sunshine

Where the Heart Is

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Kat Miller was practically raised at Sun Company Tanning. She considers many of their long-term clients family, and now her own daughter has a number of what she calls “surrogate grandparents” at the salon

As by far the oldest tanning business in Marin County, CA, Sun Company has been building a big tanning family for more than 20 years, first under Kat’s sister, and now with Kat and her father, Dennis, at the helm.

“I’ve kind of grown up with these people. There’s a couple families that say I’m an adopted daughter,” Kat says. “I have an 11-month old daughter, and they’re all grandparents to her. It’s definitely a family community, and we all love each other. I was going to be a marine biologist, but I just always kept coming back here. It’s my home.”

Sun Company seems to have that effect on people in general. The quality of care and service, environment and camaraderie in the business ensure that most clients, even if they stray, will find their way back to their tanning home.

“We’re definitely unique because of our friendliness and knowledge. We have people that have been with us since the beginning,” Kat says. “We’re about 20 minutes north of San Francisco, and people will come from there because of friendliness and knowledge. They try others but always come back. They say nobody else is as friendly, and you know your stuff, and this is one of the cleanest salons we’ve ever been to.”

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