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Your New Powerful Advocacy Tool

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

2010-05-25 copyExplaining why professional indoor tanning makes sense to your local political leaders and your local media just got easier for tanning professionals. Smart Tan this spring introduced “The Economic and Biologic Impact of Indoor Tanning Businesses” — a 72-page binder designed to help professional indoor tanning businesses properly promote the indoor tanning business to local elected officials and members of the media.

“This product is designed for the 21st Century Tanning Professional to use to explain tanning’s story one-on-one with support material all in one book,” Smart Tan Chairman Matt Russell explained. “Smart Tan members who have used it so far this spring are telling us it is the most powerful and effective product we’ve created. It tells our story.”

The booklet comes with a 35-minute video from Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy teaching you how to use its contents. “It’s a simple book to use — designed for you to walk through with reporters or elected officials, explaining why the science actually supports our approach to moderate UV exposure, why the anti-tanning message is distorted by groups who profit from over-stating the risks of UV, why the benefits associated with vitamin D are not being properly explained and how the tanning market is part of the solution — not part of the problem — in teaching a sensible message,” Levy said.

The books also explain how tanning positively affects the economy in every community in the country.

To view a 5-minute video about the binder click here.

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