We Are Sunshine

6 Things You Wish Your Customers Knew

Wednesday, January 10th, 2024

By Ashley Laabs

Through the course of working in a retail environment, you’ll invariably come across difficult clients. But if they only knew what you did, the world would just be a better place for it! Here are some of the most common things that salon owners, managers and employees wish their clients knew:

  1. “I wish you wouldn’t ask me a ton of questions about a product, then buy it online.” Salons are trusted retailers for indoor tanning products, and the staff is full of trained professionals who want to help you make a smart decision for your tan and your wallet. It may seem like a good idea to get that $120 bottle of lotion for $18 online, but you never know what’s in that bottle or how long it’s been in there. Please trust that we are here to supply you with great advice and great products.
  1. “I’m not going to give you the maximum tanning time just because you ask for it.” Tanning is different for everyone, and more isn’t always better. We know you want to get your money’s worth, but it’s better to tan smart than to tan constantly. With different UV outputs, types of equipment, and skin types, it takes more work than you think to calibrate the perfect exposure schedule for you. But we’re happy to do the work to ensure you get the best possible results.
  1. “Yes, you need to use protective eyewear.” When it comes to protecting those precious peepers, nothing does the job like eyewear that is specifically designed to block out UV rays. No, sunglasses won’t do the job. No, a towel won’t either. Your eyes are worth this small investment.
  1. “Yes, you really should use lotion.” Without lotion, you’ll take a lot longer to tan, and your results won’t be as good. Even though you technically could, you wouldn’t brush your teeth without toothpaste or wash your body without soap, and tanning lotion is the same idea. Once you try using a quality indoor tanning lotion, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.
  1. “Spray tanning won’t turn you orange.” Yes, we know exactly which episode of “Friends” you’re talking about, but technology has come a very long way since the debut of spray tanning. The current formulas are sophisticated, and they produce stunning color that our clients find very impressive. On top of that, there’s an entire line of skincare products and additional spray applications full of skincare ingredients to prepare your skin and enhance your new, gorgeous bronze color.
  1. “You absolutely do not have to burn in order to tan.” Burning is a huge no-no! The whole reason we use skin typing and design and exposure schedule for you is to give you the color you want without the burn. No matter how many times you tell us, we will never be convinced that you don’t tan unless you burn first. If you let us be your tanning expert and trust our advice, we promise to lead you down the path to dreamy dark color – sans the burn.