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Building a Superstar Sales Team
Part 1: Talent Acquisition

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

Want to increase your sales this busy season? Sure you do — but how? You could bring in new equipment, create new packages and promotions, or explore new marketing methods. Or you can enhance your potential to produce more revenue with the same equipment, products, and customers you already have by improving the proficiency of your sales team.

Whatever other upgrades you’re considering as we kick off the New Year, don’t overlook the importance of your staff’s ability to sell. When you look at the big picture, elevating the performance of your sales team has the potential to reshape the trajectory of your business. “Winning” at sales happens one client interaction at a time, but when you add them all together, even seemingly minimal improvements in sales efficiency can make a significant impact on your bottom line.

“Let’s say someone has an average sale of $5. They might be in the middle of the group. Someone else comes along that has a $6 to $7 dollar average. Let’s say they see 500 people a month. That might be $1000 extra for the store. Now multiply that by the number of employees,” says Scott Nichols, co-owner and General Manager of SunSeekers by Rosie in Wisconsin.

In this three-part series, we will delve into the three primary ways to upgrade your salon’s sales skills by the time we get into the heart of the prime tanning season. First is recruiting new talent, second is better training, and third is optimizing your commission structure to maximize the pinnacle of employee motivation and salon profits.

The road to significantly increasing sales this year begins with enhancing your staff with new talent and creating a competitive culture that keeps every team member motivated to keep on winning.

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