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Beauty, Technology, and Efficiency: The latest sunbed development could change the way you do business

Friday, March 11th, 2022

Advancement in sunbed technology has accelerated at an astounding pace in recent years.

While such rapid progress might be surprising following the relatively modest innovation that occurred throughout the prior decade, it’s far from coincidental. The latest developments in tanning technology have been driven by the convergence of some of the most influential figures in the history of tanning equipment design, manufacturing, and marketing.

While the technological innovation takes place primarily in Germany, concurrent developments in the U.S. have helped create an ideal scenario for American tanning businesses. As innovation has fast-tracked across the pond, leaders in tanning equipment sales and service have also come together to form an unprecedented U.S. distribution and customer service network for the world’s most advanced tanning equipment.

In the last few years, KBL – a leading German manufacturer of sunbeds – has introduced design and performance advancements that could be considered the most significant we’ve seen in decades. With all the revolutionary technology in place, the next step was to make it the standard for all the equipment any professional tanning business needs.

That’s where we stand today, after KBL’s latest unveiling, just last month at the Tanning Supplies Expo in Indianapolis. The new KBL K Series incorporates the latest in design and tanning and skin care performance in units that also require less space and provide significant operational cost savings. With the K Series, KBL aims to meet the needs of all customers, EFT models, and room sizes, while providing the ability to visually differentiate equipment both inside the salon and against competitors.

As the next generation of tanning equipment takes hold, let’s take a look at how the most advanced equipment development we’ve seen in decades has been achieved.

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