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‘D’ Group Getting National Media

Monday, April 30th, 2012

NBC News is picking up its press releases and Natural News – one of the internet’s leading proponents of common sense alternative medicine and healthy skepticism of organized medicine – has embraced the Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation’s efforts to increase vitamin D awareness in the fight against breast cancer.

“Most of what passes for breast cancer ‘awareness’ in today’s society revolves around screenings, treatments, and other reactionary approaches that fail to teach women any preventive methods that will help them avoid developing the disease in the first place. But the Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation (BCNPF) is taking a practical, new approach to the issue by empowering women to make certain dietary and lifestyle changes that have been proven to help thwart the onset of breast cancer,” Natural News wrote on its web site in April.

“Unlike the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which pushes cancer-causing mammograms and endless fundraising events for a ‘cure’ that will never be found, BCNPF has made it a mission to teach women primarily how to avoid breast cancer by maintaining optimal levels of vitamin D. This simple, highly-effective, and inexpensive approach has been shown in numerous studies to disable the mechanisms that allow cancer cells to grow and thrive,” Natural News reported.

The Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation has declared May “Natural Breast Cancer Prevention Month” — an effort being promoted by thousands of businesses. Smart Tan has encouraged its members to support the effort, as well as the Vitamin D Foundation.

NBC News’ MSNBC web site picked up the BCNPF’s press statement for Natural Breast Cancer Prevention Month. To view the story, click here.

The Natural News story quoted BCNPF director Dr. Marc Sorenson, “We know that vitamin D activates a cell’s ability to resist irregular mutation — that it helps the body fight cancer one cell at a time. It only makes sense for medical professionals to default to what levels are natural and intended in the body. That’s the message that needs to get out.”

To read the Natural News story click here.