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Canadian Member of the Month: Afterglo

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Learn more about Sonia-Lynn Rodrigues, owner of Afterglo Tan Bar in Toronto, ON, and what makes her business successful.

Q: How does education affect your clients?

A: I believe in doing everything in moderation and practicing smart tanning. WE tell our clients about using proper lotions and bring all of our Smart Tan training into play. We have top of the line equipment that is stronger than a lot of other beds, so when clients say things like “Oh, you don’t have to worry, I can do the maximum everywhere,” we show them the manufacturer schedules so they know we understand how the machines work. They thank us for the knowledge because they can feel that it’s stronger, and if they had gone for what they thought they should, they would probably burn.

Q: How does the use of televisions have an effect on your salon?

A: We have two TVs in the lobby. One is a video that shows pictures of the bottles of lotion we carry. It gives people more to ask questions about and it’s an open door for a sale. The other screen has the menu for our juice bar so they can see what we offer. It’s a visual approach and a lot of people are visual – they see something and they want it or want to try it. It’s a huge bonus for our in-house advertising.