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Choose the Right Facebook Ads to Meet Your Objectives

Friday, October 25th, 2019

Boosted posts are one affordable way to reach a wide audience, but Facebook Ads give you more control and options. Facebook Ads allow you to choose from videos, images, collections, carousel, slideshows, canvas, lead generation, offers, post engagements, event responses, and page likes, depending on your goals.

Choosing the appropriate ad campaign will help you achieve the objectives you have in mind. Whether you’d prefer people to go to your website or simply want to boost your reach and likes, Facebook Ads have a solution for every marketer.

Videos and images are exactly as they sound – visuals featuring sounds and motion or still images. Videos can often be more effective because movement makes them more engaging.

Collections are an online shopping ad format. However, if your salon doesn’t have an online shop, this type of ad won’t need to be used.

Carousel ads contain multiple imagesthat’s fine and videos with each visual containing its own link. You’ll have the ability to showcase different services you offer and dedicate each ad to something specific. Carousel ads could display different services like UV, spray and spa, different levels of equipment or different products, etc.

Lead generation ads allow you to take information from people showing interest in a product or service you may offer. When people click on your lead generation ad, they’ll have a short contact form to fill out that goes to you. You can then use that information to gather emails, contact information, and follow up.

Offer ads can be used to advertise offers whether it be in-store, online only, or both. Their format is mobile friendly and creates an accessible on-the-go coupon.

Post engagements are a tactic to reach new people and inspire viewers to take action. Judging from the amount of likes, comments, and shares on your ad, you can help better understand your audience and understand what content they’d like to see more of.

Event response ads help boost awareness of an event and allow you to target the correct invitee demographics.

Page likes are one of the most effective ways to gain Facebook fans and growing your page’s reach. Your ad will go towards people you target, and if they like what they see, they’ll like your page!

Once your goals are determined, you can choose which Facebook Ad campaigns work best for your business and start to see your reach and conversions grow!