We Are Sunshine

Enhance the Sunless Experience

Friday, September 8th, 2023

By Lisa Saavedra, Devoted Creations & Selfie Glow

There is one common factor that all super-successful salons have – a great customer experience. It’s more than just an inviting environment, which of course helps. The customer experience extends even to after they have left the salon. Let’s discuss a few ways to heighten the experience for your sunless users so you are able to turn your clients into raving fans.

The waiting time: Is your waiting area just some chairs where your customers are listening to you sell to other customers? Or watching your staff play on their phones? Or is it plush and inviting with a spa-like atmosphere? I recommend having a mini-fridge and offer them a bottle of water. See if they need makeup remover or body cleaning wipes before their session. You can even take it a step further and get a towel warmer cabinet (they’re $100 on Amazon) and keep rolled up towels that you give to them on their way back to the sunless room. They can use the hot towel to wipe their skin of any excess oils and warm the skin so that the spray results go in deeper. Also, this is an easy one: Always walk them to their room. It sounds so simple, but it always leaves an impression. Just chat on the way back about their day, ask if they have any questions about their session and let them know the room is all theirs.

Pre Sunless: Always, always, always ensure your clients are properly prepping their skin. Dry skin can lead to a patchy spray tan. To make sure your clients are getting the best possible results, make sure they are using either the Selfie Projectionist Prep Gel or the Selfie Pre Tan Primer spray (Bonus points if they use both!) Both of these added steps will ensure the color goes on evenly and lasts much longer.

Post Sunless: Post Sunless maintenance starts before they even leave the salon! I can’t recommend Selfie Spray Tan Sealer strongly enough. It’s called “Spray Tan Sealer” for a reason. We like to call it the “top coat to your tan” – it makes the color last longer as well as softens skin and helps to reduce any pesky spray tan smell. It is a must with any Selfie Sunless session.

Home maintenance: If you don’t sell Sunless at-home products, you are missing a huge market. I recommend having a couple options that your clients can use at home to ensure their color lasts longer and fades evenly. This can be a DHA moisturizer, Sunless Mouse, Self-tanning water, or Over Night Tanner. My two favorite Selfie at-home products are Clearly Bronze, a spray tan water and Overnight Sunless, a sleep in self tanner. Both of these are gradual. Clearly Bronze, I mist on my face after the shower every other night to keep my skin glowing. It has a great fragrance with a gradual amount of DHA and hydrates with the use of rose water. The Overnight Sunless is a perfect color extender! It’s white so it won’t stain your sheets, and it’s meant to be applied right before you go to sleep. Because of the low levels of DHA in Overnight Sunless, after a spray tan, using this product every other day will help extend color much longer, not to mention keep skin super soft!

Even if it’s small things like great product recommendations, make sure you are making an effort to give your clients a heightened experience. As we discussed, that can be as simple as walking them to their tanning room. Remember, the little things go a long way! Make sure your clients are set up for sunless success with all the very best products. If you do, they will becoming raving fans!