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7 Reasons You Should Be Selling Online

Monday, September 11th, 2023

By John Toston, Tan-Link

Your business closes when your salon closes. However, there is no reason to be ever closed to a paying customer. The best time to sell to a customer is when they are already online browsing your website, and at that time, you have the opportunity to convert it into a sale immediately. Once a service or product is purchased, it automatically and immediately shows up for your staff, including all digital agreements for the customer to sign when they come in. Not only cutting back on time trying to sign up a customer in the store but also more time to discuss proper care and products that go along with those services.

You are not selling when the customer is buying

A lot of times, a customer is not ready to purchase when they step into the salon. They are just looking and trying to understand or learn more about your services. With the online shop, they can do that from the luxury of their home, compare packages and products, and purchase what they need right from their phone. This customer is now committed to the first visit.

Your Software is not internet friendly

There is no need to have a completely different payment system set up to receive your online sales. A POS that integrates with your website allows you to immediately place the packages and products from POS to the website. No additional steps are required. When someone purchases your service(s) or product(s), it instantly shows up on their account along with any agreements they need to sign.

Your Software does not help attract new business

Online pricing can be kept competitive to incentivize the customer to make an immediate purchase. You can bundle services and provide special “online-only” introductory packages or promotional codes for discounts. Sell something that brings them in. With the initial purchase out of the way, the customer can be upsold additional services or products when they come in for a visit. Sunless Spray prep and post products are perfect examples of up-selling on an existing sale.

You are not bundling products with your services online

We often hear from customers that say they do not need any product when they first start tanning. However, by presenting your packages alongside your products online, you set the customers’ expectations upfront that the best results come from using the best products with those specific services. It also allows them to preview some of the products and know what all the salon carries.

You are not educating your customers before they purchase

Often a customer will not know how to properly prepare for the service they will receive, such as a Spray Tan. Without proper exfoliation and balancing the skin chemistry, the spray tan will not look as good, or last as long, or wear off evenly. Combing your packages with prep and post product displays on your website lets them know how to get the absolute best Spray Tan possible.

You don’t have the right tools to be online.

The Built-In Online Store is sufficient to bring you both an online presence and the online store instantly if you have no website. If you have an existing website, the store integrates into the website to make it part of your existing online presence.