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Get More Sun: UK Health Official

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Another British health authority is telling doctors to tell their patients to get more UV exposure as the most cost-effective and natural source of vitamin D, according to a report sent to British physicians this week.

“The Chief Medical Officer wrote to all GPs earlier this year to urge them to prescribe vitamin D supplements in all patients at-risk of being deficient in the mineral. But GP commissioners say they are concerned about the impact this advice will have on their resources for other programmes, and in one area they have embarked on a major public awareness campaign to urge at-risk patients to go out in the sun more,” the Pulse — a newsletter sent to British physicians — reported.

“In order to cut costs by £2m this year, a CCG in Tower Hamlets has launched a campaign to encourage all groups at risk of vitamin D deficiency to spend more time in the sun and eat vitamin D rich foods.” The Pulse reported. “They have produced a leaflet and will talk with schools to ensure children are encouraged to spend more time in the sun and eat a balanced diet. The leaflet says: ‘Enjoying the sun safely, while taking care not to burn, can help to provide the benefits of vitamin D without overly raising the risk of skin cancer.’”

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