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ABC Spray Story Skips Its Advertisers

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

An ABC News investigation questioning the safety of DHA spray tanning in tanning salons conspicuously failed to mention that over-the-counter spray tanning products sold by ABC advertisers deliver the same product the same way but without any supervision.

“Why did ABC simply target tanning salons in this investigation?” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy asked. “If DHA were unsafe — and the reports ABC cited in its story were eight and 13 years old and countered by more-recent research — then why did ABC spare the over-the-counter providers of DHA?”

The indoor tanning market supports FDA recommendations for spray tan users — recommendations calling for nose filters, lip balm, protective eyewear and undergarments to be used while spray solution is being applied. But no such safeguards are used when consumers buy the same DHA product over the counter from companies such as Neutrogena, which advertises on ABC.

ABC interviewed Levy for the story.

Watch Levy’s response in the video below: