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How Other Forms of Energy from Sunshine May Affect Our Health

Tuesday, October 24th, 2023

Red, Near Infrared, Far Infrared, and Blue Light from sunshine may all have unique health effects to offer

The solar spectrum consists of different forms of radiation or energy with wavelengths between 300 nm and well over 1 mm. Not all of this radiation is able to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere to reach the earth’s surface. Those that do have a wavelength between 100 nm and 1mm, and include ultraviolet radiation (100-400 nm), visible light (400-700 nm), and infrared light (700 nm to over 1 mm).

Just as some of this spectrum is able to make it through the atmosphere, different wavelengths are also able to penetrate the skin to different depths of the body’s tissues and may have certain effects on the cells within those tissues.

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