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How Red Light Therapy Devices Measure Up

Monday, May 13th, 2024

Though our industry has been utilizing red-light therapy devices for a while, the advancement in high-output LED red light therapy units is teaching us that there’s a lot more to red light therapy than simply putting a user under the lights for a set period of time. Many salon owners and customers have undoubtedly enjoyed the experience and results from low-pressure, low-output red light devices, but they also probably haven’t understood how much better red light therapy done the right way can be. Anybody who has experienced high-output LED red light technology now knows there’s a world of difference. And today we understand why.

First, we know that red and near-infrared light are low-energy wavelengths that pass through skin and tissue easily as a result of this low energy. We’ve also learned that the most effective therapy wavelengths of therapeutic red light are 635nm and 850nm, but we need a lot of it to experience the amazing results that can be achieved with red light therapy. And, to get the most effective treatment possible, we need to get the light as close to the targeted areas as possible. Why? Because red and near-infrared light diminish quickly with distance.

In fact, when you measure the surface of a red-light therapy device it may show a high output measurement. But, when you move the light meter a few inches away, that number will drop substantially – as much as 80% in some cases. Now, you might ask: Why don’t we just put more energy into the lights to increase the output? We wish it was that simple. Increasing the amount of energy needed to reach those levels through the electrical components would create a lot of heat which would make the unit’s surface very hot and would also overheat critical components, shortening their lifespan.

So, what’s the solution? Get the user as close to the lights as possible. If you’ve seen or experienced red light therapy in a physical therapy or chiropractor’s office, they place the device directly onto the skin and tissue to treat pain and inflammation. Why don’t they just have you lay under a canopy or light fixture? Because they understand the nature of red light therapy. And so do we.

The SmartSun Therapy SST28 utilizes the highest output LEDs combined with a unique design that puts the user closer to the lights than any other unit on the market. In fact, when you factor in the true measurement of light output that actually reaches the user’s skin, the SST28 is as much as 10x higher than other devices. That’s because the other red-light LED full-body devices on the market today utilize an already existing low-level tanning bed chassis and simply add red light LEDs to it. Though this makes for a simple and cost-effective unit, it is not an effective design for the nature of red light energy because you simply can’t get the user close enough to the light source.

While some people might think the experience and results from low-pressure, low-output red lights is great, many others are surely unimpressed. The reality is the actual benefits were likely minimal and the perceived effects were more of a placebo effect. If you offered low-pressure, low-output red light therapy before and now decide to invest in an SST28, you will have to educate your customers that this is essentially an entirely different service. The good news is the SST28 makes that pretty obvious. Just looking at the unit, the difference is clear. The appearance is more like a medical device and not at all like anything else in your salon. When you tell them about the 28,433 red and near-infrared light diodes, highly specific wavelengths, zero-gravity design, and more, it’s easy to understand how different this device really is. And as soon as they try it, they’ll see for themselves.

Some businesses simply want to advertise that they have “red light therapy” in their mix. They’re not concerned about results because it’s a free service added to their “all-inclusive” membership as a “token” service. But, if you’re thinking of investing in serious and effective red-light therapy that will have your customers paying significant dollars as a stand-alone service or as an add-on charge to your “all-inclusive” EFT, there’s really only one choice.

The SST28. No one else measures up.

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