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Sunless Products for Summer

Tuesday, May 14th, 2024
Sunless Products in the Summer

By Megan Racine, Devoted Creations & Selfie Glow

As we head into the warmer months of 2024, let’s talk about the maintenance of our tans. Warmer months bring outdoor activities, sunshine, beach trips and vacations! This time of year for salons, you see an influx of customers coming in because they want to be tan for some activity they have going on. They started step 1. The next step is making sure they know how to maintain their tan & their skin for the longest results possible.

This is where you come in! the accessibility, the products and the knowledge are what your clients need, even if they don’t know it. Working in the salon we know to tell clients what to do BEFORE they come in for the sunless session (this goes for an at-home sunless session as well). The shower, shave & exfoliate topic along with what not to wear/use. But it is the extended aftercare that actually helps to prolong the tan. When clients are going on vacation, they come in 1-2 days before their trip to make sure they have enough time to rinse it off and have their best color for when it starts. But that’s just it, it’s only when it starts. We want them to have that color for a majority, if not for all days of their trip.

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